What We Do

Our Process

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Identify Recycling Market and Waste Management Solutions

Depending on your geography, Cycle understands that each recycling market is different, and in doing so knows that waste management solutions vary by locations. Whether you operate in a DRS, EPR, or non-deposit market, Cycle is here to help.

Iterate and Design Custom Recycling Software

Cycle engages in iterative system design customized to fit the client’s business needs ensuring scalability, reliability, and deployability. Collaborative user interface design to ensure engaging recycling experiences.

Build, Implement, and Test

Once the desired recycling platform is built to the client’s needs, Cycle assists in the implementation of the recycling software into the recycling market according to business needs. After launch, Cycle will closely monitor and test based on user interactions and feedback.

Improve and Enhance

After releasing our recycling software into the market, Cycle works with the client to understand strengths, weaknesses, and needed improvements through data monitoring. Cycle believes an enhanced consumer recycling experience is crucial to increased recycling network intelligence.

The Cycle Difference

Enhanced User Retention & Experience

Benefits of user retention and improved user experience increase recycling container collection rates.

Flexible & Improved Recycling Rewards

Flexible and diverse rewards incentivize consumers and RVM clients in all recycling markets. 

Broadened Recycling Data Collection Streams

Broadened data collection streams enhance recycling network intelligence and aggregate user behavior.

Recycling Systems

Cycle works with universities, stadiums, and event locales to improve their ecological footprint and incentivize recycling in their ecosystemes. Figure out how your institution can integrate Cycle into its footprint.