Primary school Ghardi

Uttar Pradesh, India

Our first sustainable development project will be focused on promoting better education for the kids in the small village of Ghardi, India. With support from the head education secretary of uttar pradesh, we will help turn your recyclables and donations into a new library, books, and furniture for the kids of this public primary school.


“Attending school as an eighth grader in lucknow, india at la martiniere college boys school was a rite of passage for the young men of my family. For a semester i was immersed into indian culture, traditional teaching styles, and a whole new world that transformed my perception.

While i was there i visited my uncle’s rural village of ghardi along the ganges river. During the stay, i visited the local small primary school which was underfunded and dilapidated. 

I made the promise to myself that when i had the means to do so, i would build the pupils of this village a better school.”

Anwar Khan CEO & Co-Founder

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