Cycle provides rewards for recycling.

Locate reverse vending machines, earn rewards, compete with friends, and join the green community.

The best way to recycle.

Cycle has transformed the way consumers view their bottles and cans by incentivizing and improving recycling. Our mobile application pairs with reverse vending machines to offer the most advanced and engaging recycling experience.

The only personalized mobile solution for reverse vending companies in all recycling markets.

While reverse vending companies focus on selling machines, we prioritize incentives for recycling consumers. Our services allow companies to utilize our proprietary software to build engaging recycling platforms and implement incentives at a fraction of the cost.

Money Donated to Charity

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Recycle smarter

Every time you recycle with us, we guarantee that your plastic bottles and aluminum cans will be recycled properly. Not only will your bottle be recycled, but you’ll help change the world for the better. Cycle is turning your plastic bottles and aluminum cans into valuable donations to charity.